Art Galleries in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is home to 218 art galleries and 359 arts-related businesses and creative industries. Those account for a 4.7 percent share of all businesses, compared with a 2.5 percent national average. Browse the map and read on about their activities below:

Bill Brady Gallery

Supporting and promoting art in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City.

1505 Genessee Street
Kansas City, MO 64102
816 527 0090


Front/Space is a storefront apartment located in the heart of downtown Kansas City repurposed for non-commercial exhibitions, installations, readings, screenings, concerts, workshops, forums, research & publishing projects. Front/Space strives to program events that demonstrate the power of friendship, passion, ambition, and the beauty of living and working together through radical and interdisciplinary practices. It provides the space and means to realize projects.

217 W 18th St
Kansas City, MO


50/50 was developed with the desire to diversify Kansas City’s art ecology by introducing progressive dialogues through collaboration, utilization of alternative building materials, and 21st century technology. It exhibits local and national artists.

1628 Wyoming St
Kansas City, MO

The Bunker Center for the Arts

The Bunker Center for the Arts is a gallery and active studio space meant to combine museum style exhibitions with artists workspaces in a unique labyrinthine office building that hasn’t been updated since the 70’s. They feature two Residencies, one for Artist/Curator and another Artist/Gallery Manager. Studios are available for rent as well.

1014 E 19th, Kansas City, Missouri 64106

The Drugstore

The Drugstore is a collaborative and grassroots effort between 20 artists of varying disciplines with studios in Kansas City’s historic Katz Drugstore.

3948 Main St.,
Kansas City, MO 64111

Cerbera Gallery

This new art gallery in the Crossroads District offers unique primary and secondary market individual pieces, sets and portfolios for businesses, homes and collectors. They include painting, photography, prints (mostly limited editions), ceramic (both functional and sculpture), drawings, sculpture, mixed media, and multimedia installations. Their selection includes local and national and international artists. They also provide assistance to collectors on their choice of artwork to develop their collections.

2011 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

The Late Show Art Gallery

For the past 35 years, Tom Deatherage has been searching for fresh local work to display and sell at the Late Show. He prides himself on giving artists their first walls. By all accounts, Deatherage was one of the first gallery owners in town to scout and display exclusively local art. Some of those artists have stood by him since the beginning.

1600 Cherry St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 516-6749

Gallery 504

Ruthie Becker is pleased to announce the upcoming grand opening of Gallery 504. Gallery 504 is Ruthie’s own art gallery that will feature her personal artwork, along with other artists in and around Kansas City. The art gallery is located in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, Missouri. “Being in downtown Kansas City and part of the art district was important to me” said Ruthie. “The Kansas City art community and artists have been very supportive of me and my work, so I wanted to locate my gallery in the area.”

504 E. 18th St. Ste. 103, Kansas City, MO 64108
(913) 602-4205 / (316) 390-0290 504/

Plenum Space Gallery


1a : a space or all space, every part of which is full of ART
1b : an ART-filled space in a structure; especially one that has a red door
2 : a general assembly of all members of the ART community
3 : the quality or state of being full of ART

Plenum Space features fresh, new artwork on the First Friday of each Month from 6 to 10 PM.

504 E 18th St. Kansas City, MO (upstairs)
(913) 633-8320

Jones Gallery

Having had over 200 different artists show, they claim they have only scratched the surface of available talent. the gallery owner is still amazed by the amount of artists available in the community. The art gallery has 3 floors, with each floor at 3000 sq. ft, with around 12 artists showing at any given time.

1717 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 421-2111

Vulpes Bastille

In addition to their studio spaces, Vulpes Bastille is home to a spacious and newly renovated gallery space. Their goal is to provide a clean, professional exhibition space for artists of all disciplines, career levels, and backgrounds. By providing such a space, particularly given its “off the beaten path'” locale in the East Crossroads, they offer a unique alternative to the primness of more mainstream galleries without sacrificing the polish. As such, they are happy to review exhibition proposals from those who wish to submit them.

1737 Locust St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(913) 461-7377

Express Gallery

In the heart of the Crossroads Arts District, the Express Gallery has been showing artists of all mediums and opens new shows the First Friday of every month as part of Art Walk KC, since June 2014. Kelsey Roberts, their gallerist is always on the lookout for talent to show, offers support to artists and coordinates events for Express Gallery.

404 E. 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 769-4758 (Kelsey) ery/

Todd Weiner Gallery

The Todd Weiner Gallery is a small, intimate space with great lighting. With a front row view of West 18th street, one of the hottest streets in the Crossroads, this space is ideal for events of all sorts. The Todd Weiner Gallery holds monthly art exhibitions and other community events. This space is approximately 1200 square feet and has a maximum capacity of 75-100 people.

115 W 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 984-8538

The Bauer

The Bauer is a 30,000 sq. ft., 3- story building nestled in the heart of the creative block of West 18th Street. It provides space available to rent as artist studios, galleries, offices, retail space & an event space with an amazing view of downtown KC. The Bauer’s intent is to create a dynamic urban interaction between the surrounding community, artists and visitors to the Crossroads Arts District. It includes artists of many disciplines, galleries and small businesses. The design aspires to take maximum advantage of the building’s assets of space, light and location. The Bauer was built in 1894 as the Bauer Machine Works Building. Over a hundred years later, with a rich history of serving creative pursuits, The Bauer building is once again a resource for Kansas City artists and small businesses.

115 W. 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 984-8535

Fraction Print Studio

Fraction is a Kansas City etching, monoprint studio and exhibition space run by Alessandra Dzuba and Heinrich Toh. As a working studio, Fraction promotes printmaking and collaboration through exhibitions and workshops to inspire creativity in our community.

130 W. 18th St, Kansas City MO 64108

Windhorse Tattoo and Gallery

Windhorse was established by Mark Galloway in 2010. They are a private tattoo studio specializing in custom tattoos. They host monthly First Friday gallery shows open to the public.

1717 Wyandotte Ste. 200, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 283-0500 home/

Apex Art Space

Member of the Crossroads Community Association, it has display space available to local artists.

1819 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 841-0206

ARTSKC – Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City

The mission of ArtsKC is to unleash the power of the arts. They are a nonprofit organization serving the five-county region- Clay, Platte and Jackson in Missouri; Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas. Some of their most well-known programs include the ArtsKC Fund, Kansas City’s united arts fund, and Now Showing, a program matching local artists looking to show their work in corporate spaces. ArtsKC aims to connect individuals to their arts community by providing detailed information in our online Resource Center. In addition, they work with local government and civic leadership to advocate for the arts.

106 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 221-1777



Their office space is located in the creative hub of Kansas City—the Crossroads Arts District—and also serves as a gallery space for local and international artists.

1817 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 841-3682 the-may-first-friday/

Hilliard Gallery

An elegantly urban and ever-changing gallery, it focuses is on the artists and their artwork. It is one of the oldest and largest fine art galleries in Kansas City. The Gallery was established in November of 1974, by previous owner Kent Hilliard. They are the exclusive authorized dealer for artist LeRoy Neiman, in the Kansas City area. They maintain a large inventory located on the premise as well as direct working relationships with over 200 artists and their publishers.

1820 McGee St. Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 561-2956

MOD Art Gallery

Located in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District, the MOD Art Gallery is a bold and free in style gallery space with a hip downtown vibe. It is a 2000 sq.ft. event space that features new cutting edge art exhibits every month. Over 2000 visitors attend each open house style celebration on First Fridays, discovering Kansas City’s up and coming artists, bands and cuisines. If you need to get your hands dirty, you can attend one of their BYOB Paint Sessions on scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings.

1809 McGee St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(913) 530-2897

Brandon Jacobs Gallery

The brandonjacobs gallery is located in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City Missouri in on of the historic Western Auto Buildings. They are a contemporary art gallery for collectors, providing a platform that connects the artist with collectors nationwide. The also offer assistance to novice collectors. They have on-site curatorial and advisory for both private and corporate collectors as well as a full digital library of all works available from their artists.

2015 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 249-2525


Belger Arts Center

This art gallery in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District hosts the collection by John and Maxine Belger’s family, who created a foundation to educate the public regarding the work of artists including, but not exclusive to William Christenberry, Terry Winters, Robert Stackhouse, William Wiley, Terry Allen, Renee Stout, and Jasper Johns. The Collection spans their careers allowing the study of their work and their creative processes. The Collections are available for loan to art institutions and museums throughout this country and abroad. In addition to sharing the collection, they curate new exhibitions throughout the year and partner with other art-related organizations for their art related events. It continues to expand the scope of its collection to include extensive bodies of work by women, ethnic and naïve artists working in a variety of media including ceramics, fiber and film.

2100 Walnut St. Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 474-7316

Alpha Gallery

An Art Gallery in the Crossroads of KC MO sponsored by Alpha Title, LLC

2014 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 421-3336

2010 Gallery

Located in the Kansas City Crossroads District, it is committed to exhibiting the finest works of art by some of today’s leading artists from around the world. Additionally, they host one-person shows and demonstrations throughout the year to help educate collectors.

2010 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 283-3374


2016 Main Gallery

At the threshold of the Kansas City Crossroads district, it provides state of the art amenities while maintaining the character and charm of its historic downtown neighborhood. Co-owner and seasoned Kansas City photographer Jodi Vander Woude runs her studio out of the space. They represent some of the most outstanding contemporary artists in the area. including artist collective Seedco, out of Lawrence, Kansas.

2016 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 283-8303

MLB Designs & Boutique

Marie Bertholet Smith is known for her use of color, quality work, and her ability to provide designs that fit her clients’ life styles. Her knowledge of antiques has enabled her to find many interesting items from all parts of the world for both design and retail clients. Her raw, natural talent and years of experience give Marie an edge among the competitive world of interior design. Her store features several talented local and regional artists.

2020 Baltimore Ave. Ste. 105, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 531-3133

Mid-America Arts Alliance

Mid-America Arts Alliance is committed to bringing first-class arts experiences to audiences throughout the United States through two traveling exhibition programs, ExhibitsUSA and NEH on the Road. Through their traveling exhibitions, they bring traditional Bedouin artifacts and art to Little Rock, Arkansas, or photographs by indigenous American artists to Palmer, Alaska. They provide museum-quality curation, preparation, shipping, and artworks to audiences that are urban and rural, remote and well connected.

2018 Baltimore Ave. Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 421-1388

Mid-America Arts Alliance

Byron Cohen Gallery

After more than 20 years as an art gallery in Kansas City, this contemporary art dealer offers access to local, national, and international, cutting-edge artists working across all media. It has also ventured into the online domain. They feature painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, and new media.

2020 W Baltimore Ave # 120, Kansas City, MO 64108
(913) 221-6306

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center

Founded in 1985 by Jim Leedy, with the vision of initiating a permanent and thriving art community in Kansas City; the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center’s mission is to profile world-class artwork by Kansas City’s creative community of painters, sculptors, ceramicists, photographers, designers, printmakers, craftsmen and more. They exhibit works of international, national, and regional artists, but their main focus is to provide a venue to support students and local artists in order to retain Kansas City’s talented creatives. On the first Friday of every month, the majority of art galleries in Kansas City open their doors free of charge to the public to debut new exhibitions or showcase new products.

2012 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 474-1919

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

The gallery is one of the oldest sustained contemporary art galleries in Kansas City and the Midwest representing emerging, mid-career and internationally established artists making exciting and technically proficient work in all fine art mediums. It is an important resource for private collectors, public institutions, corporations and first-time art buyers. The gallery has placed over 150 works of art in museum collections and gallery artists are represented in over 100 museums worldwide. Gallery exhibition highlights include over 100 Solo shows with established and mid-career artists including Peter Voulkos, Jun Kaneko, Rudy Autio, Therman Statom, Judy Onofrio, Chris Gustin, Tom Huck, Cynthia Schira, Jeff Aeling, Keith Jacobshagen, Larry Schwarm, Barbara Rogers, Michael Schultz, Dale Chihuly and others. The gallery represents the estate of Peter Voulkos.

2004 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 221-2626

Rock Cottage Glassworks

Dierk Van Keppel’s vision is continually ignited by nature and fired by the kiln. He reinvents art glass bringing to life the patterns and chaos reflected in the universe. Through a process both complex and rewarding, Van Keppel combines the ancient craft of glassblowing with the modern approach of fusing glass. Wall sculptures, chandeliers, vessels and other fine art glass works by Van Keppel are showcased in numerous museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide.

215 W. 19th Terr., Kansas City, MO

PLUG Projects

PLUG PROJECTS is a curatorial collaboration by six Kansas City artists who share the mission of bringing fresh perspectives and conversation to the local art community. They exhibit challenging new work, initiating critical dialogue, and expanding connections of artists in Kansas City as part of a wider, national network of artists. Current PLUG partners are: Sarah Hearn, Brian Hearn, Caitlin Horsmon, Misha Kligman, Marie Bannerot McInerney and Caleb Taylor. Past PLUG partners: Cory Imig (2011-2015), Amy Kligman (2011-2015) and Nicole Mauser (2011-2012).

1613 Genessee St, Kansas City, MO
(646) 535-7584

La Esquina

La Esquina (1000 W. 25th) is a 2500 square foot, high-ceilinged, white box/black box, conducive to staged performances – dance, theater, music – as well as large-scale exhibitions and installations, video screenings, public programs and bigger events. Charlotte Street’s mission is to challenge, nurture, and empower artists of exceptional vision. Charlotte Street gives away annual cash awards to visual and generative performing artists, offers free studios and performance and exhibition spaces and provides educational and professional development opportunities for young, emerging, and mid-career artists They advocate and plan on behalf of Kansas City artists and the arts community with philanthropic, business and civic leaders

Charlotte Street Foundation
1000 W. 25th St, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 221-5115

HAW Contemporary

Haw Contemporary shows fine art from local, national, and international artists.

1600 Liberty St, Kansas City, MO 64102
(816) 842-5877

Lawrence Lithography Workshop

Michael Sims established The Lawrence Lithography Workshop in 1979 in Lawrence, Kansas as a contract printing and teaching facility for local and regional artists. Over time, the workshop expanded its operation beyond contract printing for local artists to an increased emphasis on publishing regional and national artists. Today most projects are done on an invitational basis with TLLW acting as the primary publisher or co-publisher, though contract printing remains a significant part of the business.

2011 Tracy Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 471-4848


Belger Crane Yard Studios (formerly Red Star Studios)

Red Star Studios was started in 1998 by as a way to support both emerging and established ceramic artists, educate the Kansas City community with workshops and classes, and to provide a functioning workspace for ceramicists. It began at an old Red Star Yeast factory, where the cold storage rooms were transformed into studios and kiln rooms. Red Star Studios Red Star Studios came to be known as the local destination for handmade objects and functional pottery. Within this community the artist can engage in constructive dialogue and immerse themselves in their work, thus employing and evolving Red Star Studios as an innovative artistic resource. Over the course of the last decade, Red Star opened its doors to artists from around the country to participate in their Artist in Residence program. Now, a Belger Foundation partnership is helping Red Star Studios expand its creative community to include media and disciplines in addition to ceramics.

2011 Tracy Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 474-7316

Enhance Your Art

An innovative space where the arts, business, and community coalesce. Founded by former firefighter Tim Buster, it provides ample space for the arts, business and community to merge and make good things happen. 1,216 sq ft of the building is dedicated to shop and studio for custom framing, custom woodworking, and custom functional metal art. The remaining 2,784 sq ft is dedicated to art displays, offices for rent, meeting areas, and the pride and joy, full kitchen event venue and art gallery space.

2930 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 674-6969

Telephonebooth Gallery

Telephonebooth is a very small art gallery in a small midwestern town that for 20 years has consistently maintained a program driven by quality and that specifically works with contemporary artists.

The goal of the open program is to cultivate and develop smart, engaged, quality emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. Telephonebooth has most often premiered artists from outside the standard polished production output method. These are the artists willing to ask tough questions, have less pretty answers, but also have determination, vision and perseverance.

3319 Troost Ave. Kansas City, MO 64109
(816) 582-9812

Paper Birch Landing Gallery

It is an artist-owned and operated boutique gallery in the heart of the Valentine neighborhood of Kansas City’s Midtown, showcasing local and emerging artists from the KC area. They offer classes and juried shows.

3740 Broadway # 300, Kansas City, MO 64111


Edward Wayne Gallery

“I have been fond of telling clients that it all started as a “hobby” some 35 years ago. Accompanying my spouse on her “field trips” as an antique dealer, my eye was drawn to oil paintings. I ended up with over 500 oils and works on paper that constitute the bulk of the EW Gallery Collection. The Collection is split approximately 60% American artists and 40% European artists. Dates generally range from 1870 to 1940, with some pieces on either side of those parameters. Almost 80% of the pieces were executed by artists whom are listed in the major art reference books.”

4444 Bell St., Kansas City, MO
(193) 220-3014

H&R Block Artspace

Dedicated to artists, art, and ideas since 1999, the Artspace serves the mission of the Kansas City Art Institute as a dynamic teaching museum, engaging students and introducing audiences to important contemporary art and artists. To enhance and sustain a strong and vibrant regional arts ecology, the Artspace organizes and presents innovative and diverse exhibitions and public programs featuring established and emerging regional, national, and international artists.

They have presented the work of more than 1,997 B.F.A. degree candidates at the Kansas City Art Institute in the annual B.F.A. exhibition. KCAI alumni, faculty and students have participated in more than 60 percent of Artspace exhibitions and almost 50 percent of Artspace programs have benefitted from partnerships with KCAI’s academic program as well as professional organizations

16 East 43rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 561-5563

UMKC Gallery of Art

The 2016 UMKC Student Art Exhibition, features works by 24 graduate and undergraduate artists. All currently enrolled students at UMKC were eligible to submit work across a variety of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, video, and performance. Scholarship awards were also presented during the opening reception.

5015 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64110
(204 Fine Arts Building)
(816) 235-1502


Greenlease Art Gallery

The public is invited to hear artists discuss their works in the Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst University.

1100 Rockhurst Rd, Kansas City, MO
(816) 501-4407

Leopold Gallery

Leopold is a fine-art gallery where you can walk in and enjoy the art, or attend openings and enjoy the wine. They are also an art consulting firm for offices, stadiums, hospitals, and civic clients. The Leopold Gallery Educational Foundation has mentoring programs at two urban high schools, where we assist deserving students in getting into college.

Established in 1991 by Paul Dorrell, Leopold is one of nationally-ranked art galleries whose staff also work as art advisers. They also implement mentoring programs for numerous low-income teenage artists

324 W 63rd St, Kansas City, MO 64113
(816) 333-3111


American Legacy Gallery

Nestled in the historic Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri, American Legacy Gallery has quietly become one of the nation’s leading sources for regionalist graphics and paintings; as well as representing some of the most accomplished traditional contemporary painters and sculptors in the country. Established in 1977 by Jack & Georgia Olsen, it features original paintings, sculpture and pottery by over 40 acclaimed artists. Also displayed are graphics by such artists as Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, Grant Wood, Birger Sandzen and many others. Bookshelves are full of reference materials and books are lying about on tables, evidence of their constant use. Space is devoted to works by the Prairie Print Makers and flat file cabinets house hundreds of unframed prints to be explored by enthusiastic art lovers.

5911 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64113
(816) 444-7944

Trap Gallery

The Trap art gallery opened in 2001 and serves as the cornerstone of art in Columbus Park, featuring local, regional and national artists with shows on 3rd Fridays. Season runs April-November.

Art in Columbus Park was formed to be a resource for local artists and a forum for recognized artists to share their knowledge and expertise.

It is a fledgling organization, a grass roots endeavor to promote the visual arts and an appreciation of artistic expression. They are located in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of Kansas City, an area that has always been an immigration “gateway” to our city. Russians, Irish, Italians, Vietnamese, and Laotians have all made Columbus Park their home upon coming to America. A public housing project, located within the geographic boundaries, expands the ethnic diversity and adds another dimension of artistic resources.

525 Gillis St, Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 510-6557

Kiosk Gallery

Kiosk Gallery is an artist-run space started by husband and wife team Eric & Erin Dodson in September 2012, with the mission of bringing the work of emerging artists to the public, and providing a space for artists to grow their ideas and elevate the presentation of their work. They aim for inclusiveness and transparency in art and gallery activities – to help encourage participation and the building of community, and to help educate the next generation of artists.

Kiosk Gallery is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization.

916 E 5th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106

Kansas City Artists Coalition

On March 5, 1975 a large group of artists gathered in the studio of local artists Philomene Bennett and Lou Marak to address “How the Artist Can Benefit from Centralization.” Overwhelmingly the group felt a self-initiated organization was the only alternative to isolation, elitism, apathy, and ignorance. The ultimate result of that meeting was the incorporation of the Kansas City Artist Coalition in August 1976.

The Kansas City Artists Coalition (KCAC or Artists Coalition) is an artist-centered, artist-run alternative space that presents a variety of exhibitions of contemporary artists’ work in its Mallin Gallery, Jacqueline B. Charno Gallery, and the Underground.

The Kansas City International Residency at the Artists Coalition offers dedicated individuals a supportive environment to work and engage with the Kansas City community. The mission of the Residency is to bring artists from around the world together in order to work, build friendships, and improve intercultural understanding.

201 Wyandotte St. Kansas City, MO 64105
(816) 421-5222