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Andrew McIntyre – Ceramic Artist

Andrew McIntyre @ Cerbera Gallery

Andrew McIntyre @ Cerbera Gallery

Andrew McIntyre:

“Memorable conversations, traditions, celebrations, relationships are begun and strengthened during events surrounded by objects such as people, food and the pots that move in and out of these spaces. These experiences and time spent with loved ones is where I draw my connection to pots made to facilitate intimacy, consumption and nourishment. This work aims to engage interaction and focus attention through placement, and presentation.

The sense of physical touch through the investigation of material, form and surface is important. Capturing that gasp of breath inside a form through the movement of my hand or the push of my finger gives my work a sense containment and life.  My work is affected by my investigation of many techniques and processes, allowing simple form and texture to be more apparent.  These pots beg your attention.  Firing methods of wood and soda has drawn my interest because of the way it permanently record time and fire. Pooling of glazes and dramatic flame marks enhance the uniqueness of each object by giving you a surface to get lost in. The preparation, physical and mental act within wood firing reinforce these ideas of relationships, community, and interaction between people ​and nature. It is my desire that the work facilitate new relationships between people, food and object.  My pots live on the table as well as where celebration inspires life.”

Andrew McIntyre’s Education
2015 MFA 2015 Ceramics Syracuse University
2011 B.F.A 2011 Ceramics University of Mississippi

Teaching Experience
Spring 2016 Intermediate Instructor, Ceramics-University of Mississippi
Spring 2014 Graduate Instructor, Ceramics-Syracuse University
Spring 2013 Graduate Instructor, Ceramics-Syracuse University

Professional Experience
2015-Present  Ceramic Technician – University of Mississippi
Spring 2014 Kiln Building Assistant, Matt Long –Lockport, NY
2013-2014 Ceramics Clay Society President – Syracuse University
2013 Gallery/Museum Studies assistant at SU Art Gallery- Syracuse University
2012-2015 Graduate Assistant –Syracuse University
2008-2015 Empty Bowls –University of Mississippi and Syracuse University
2011-21012 Gallery Assistant – University of Mississippi.
2010-2011 Studio Assistant, University of Mississippi,
(Maintained studio equipment, made clay for class and managed the electric, gas, salt, and soda kilns)
2009 Assistant Pottery Instructor, Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild,
(Gave lessons on how to throw on the wheel)

Andrew McIntyre’s Group Exhibitions
2016 Shippensburg University Ceramics Invitational, Shippensburg, PA
2015 Neither Confirmed nor Denied, group MFA exhibition “Sensuous Feast”. Rouge Space, Chelsea, NYC.
2015 Neither Confirmed nor Denied, group MFA exhibition “Sensuous Feast”. Syracuse University Gallery, Syracuse, NY.
2015 Salt City Clay, works by Syracuse Ceramics Guild, Everson Museum, Syracuse NY
2012-2015 Shaped Clay Society Student Ceramics Exhibition, Coyne Gallery and Smith Gallery – Syracuse University
2011 BFA Thesis Exhibition, Ceramics –University of Mississippi

Andrew McIntyre’s Juried Exhibitions
2016 Serve It Up, Clay Arts Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
2016 2nd Annual Dirty South Mug Competition, River Oaks Square Arts Center, Alexandria, LA
2016 Off The Table, Missouri Western State University, Saint Joseph, MO
2016 Twin Cup, Missouri Western State University, Saint Joseph, MO
2016 Southside Faculty Exhibition, Oxford, MS
2016 23rd Annual Strictly Functional, Lancaster, PA, Juror: Matt Long
2015 Red Lodge Juried National III, Red Lodge, Montana. Juror: Gail Kendall
2014  Drink!  Juried Cup Show, Slipe Gallery, Hartford School of Art, Hartford CT, Juror: Doug Peltzman
2014 Shake It Baby, Baltimore Clay Works, Juror: Bryan Hopkins and Lisa Orr
2013 Currents: Mixtus, University of Florida, Juror: Eric Kao
2013 Starbrick Clay National Cup Show, Starbrick Gallery, Nelsonville OH, juror: Lorna Meaden
2013 Strictly Functional Pottery National, Juror: Jim Connell
2011 Friends with Benefits Exhibition, St. Petersburg Clay Company
2011 8 Fluid Ounces, A Nation Juried Ceramic Cup Exhibition, Juror: Kristen Kieffer
2011 Starbrick Clay National Cup Show, Juror: Kristen Kieffer
2011 Strictly Functional Pottery National, Juror: Mary Barringer
2011 Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition, Ceramics, University of Mississippi, Juror Heather Deyling
2010 Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition, Ceramic, University of Mississippi, Juror: Michael Aurbach,
2009 The Big Five and The Big Apple, Digital Photography, Students from Draw New York & Digital Photography: Tanzania, FrameUp Gallery Oxford, MS
2009 A Sense of Place, Mississippi Architecture in Photography, Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS
2007 Happy Hour at Brown’s, Brown’s Fine Art and Framing, Jackson, MS