Anne Smith – Contemporary Photography

Anne Smith @ Cerbera Gallery

Anne Smith @ Cerbera Gallery

Anne Smith:

Anne Smith often immerses personal life experiences within an image or body of work while at the same time hoping to make a connection with the observer. “Unfocused” presents a glimpse into her early years as a visually impaired child. Smith’s visual impairment went unnoticed until she was six years of age, at which time she was declared legally blind.

This body of work depicts the terror felt as a visually impaired four year old lost in a department store. Unfocused brings the observer into Anne Smith’s visual world when unable to identify a person’s face with any clarity. Visually, she identified people and her surroundings by body form and color. It has been inspiring to visit with observers who identify with the emotional turmoil and fear that may occur when one has this type of impairment.

It’s never too late are the words Anne Kostrevic Smith lives by each day as she strives to grow in the world of photography. She began her journey as a photographer a few short years ago after raising her family and retiring from a business she developed and ran for 16 years. Photography has prompted her to examine the world with greater intensity and consideration. This exploration combined with her own inner thoughts and feelings has advanced her creativity as she captures and edits images. Anne believes pushing limits and actively growing is equally important as simply being passionate about this art form. Above all she is grateful about the creative gift she has been given and hopes to give back some of the enjoyment she has received.