Brandon Schnur

Brandon Schnur

Humanity has a tendency to claim nature as its own. These selfish and short-sited actions are the starting points for my work; I create ceramic in the form of confined or obstructed animals as an attempt to comment on my need for humanities accountability concerning our environment and our world.

As a species, we have the ability to protect and better our own lives. Because of this selfishness we are left largely unconcerned with the effects we inevitably cause to future generations, as well as animal and plant populations. Our power has both good and bad intentions, as ignorance often does. We seem to have an instinctual need to first rule and then destroy. We are in a perpetual state of always trying to cure the symptoms and not looking at the cause that we create.

My work consists of animals that are often supported by, or effected by, in some way with human constructs and concepts. Much like trophy heads, the addition of human elements, such as cages, either hindering or confining animals display human dominance and control. We, as the most innovative and intelligent species should be aware of our responsibility to the rest of the animal kingdom and the world, yet we accept incompetence as an accuse for shedding our obligations.