Brice Dyer


Formation, erosion, and weathering. The marks, textures, and seams on my work reflect these actions and tell the story of construction and destruction that the land endures each and every day. The contours of my work are influenced by my passion for the outdoors, in particular a long love of rock climbing. The places I have frequented over the years while pursuing climbing play a significant role in my visual vocabulary. The geology, horizons, layers, colors, textures and many shapes have all influenced the aesthetes of my work.

I show the process and history of each piece as it changes over time and evolves through construction and firing; much like the earth’s surface displays it’s own history. I use several iron-rich clays to layer and patch together the slabs that my pieces are comprised of.

I utilize both handmade and store bought brushes with heavy bristles that leave bold marks on the surfaces of my forms. A small wooden mallet is used to compress seams and join slabs, while simultaneously leaving behind rugged organic impressions reminiscent of natural rock surfaces. I employ these tools for the marks and impressions they leave behind during the process. These marks relate back to the different layers of rock and sediment that have influenced me through my love of climbing.These small marks, while recording my process, create a story of evolution on my surfaces that relate to the earth surface.