Daniela Abel – Ceramic Artist

Daniela Abel

Daniela Abel

Daniela’s Journey in ceramic art began in 1986 in Hamburg, Germany, where she learned the craft from skilled, trained potters.  She continued her studies in Washington, D.C. through 1994, at which point she and her family moved to Los Altos, California.

At Foothill College, Daniela was fortunate to have the opportunity to study under Bruce George and Norma Lyon, acclaimed artists in the ceramic world.  In 1998 she was given the “Foothill Award of Ceramic Excellence.”

In 2006, Daniela relocated to one of the centers of the ceramics world in Helena, Montana.  She lives 3 miles away from the Archie Bray Foundation, where she volunteers weekly and continues to evolve her artistic style and abilities every day. Most recently, Daniela has branched out into manifesting her creative impulses into jewelry.

Daniela’s pieces are held in private collections all across the globe, including Germany, France, Holland and Belgium, as well as Montana, California, Washington, D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri and Kansas.