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David Terrill – Visual Artist

David Terrill @ Cerbera GalleryARTIST STATEMENT

“My work is unscripted, utilizing imperfect mark making that is influenced by observation and imagination.”

My work is derived from years of sketchbook experimentation using natural media mark making. I apply my knowledge of line, texture, shape, and color to investigate the creation of diverse imagery, emphasizing the spontaneity of life with shades of allegory.


David Terrill has been creating artwork for 30 years. His journey from laboring in an Ohio steel mill, working as a freelance illustrator, to wearing many creative hats in design agencies. David’s storied path led to his ultimate destination as Associate Professor of Illustration, Kansas City Art Institute.

David enjoys family travels while recording adventures in his sketchbook. On their recent experience in China, they swam in the South China Sea, hiked Great Wall of China (slept in an ancient watchtower), traveled 1,400 miles by train, and resided in a Beijing Hutong.

David has been recognized by American Illustration, Communication Arts, The Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles and 3X3, The Magazine for Contemporary Illustration.

David has lectured at ICON9 Illustration Educational Symposium: Radical Teaching; New Approaches in Pedagogy on his MICRO agency class in Austin, Texas and at the ICON10 Educational Symposium: Paradigm Paradox: Teaching in the Future on The Sketchbook: Let’s Connect, in Detroit, Michigan.