Gary Hodson – Contemporary Photography

Gary Hodson @ Cerbera Gallery

Gary Hodson @ Cerbera Gallery

Gary Hodson:

Photography continues to inspire Gary Hodson to appreciate the details in his surroundings and provides a path to explore, expand & challenge his creative interests. Gary Hodson’s subject matter remains diverse and includes humor, irony, contradictions, symbolism & simple beauty in its many forms.

“The intent is to create images that cause the viewer to pause & contemplate what they are seeing.

A photograph can engage a person in a visual conversation & encourage their imagination to create a story fitting the image. I am intrigued by how a single image can be interpreted so differently by each individual and can produce a wide range of reactions and emotions.”


Cerbera Gallery Portfolio Statement

“A Sense of Place & Time”

This collection of images can be viewed individually and is not intended to document a single subject.

The visual communication with each of us creates a unique experience. You are encouraged to consider the story you create in your mind while viewing an image & the emotion you feel. Some will stir your imagination more that others.  Contemplate why that is.

While separated by time & place and by culture & language, the individual photographs are also united by their ability to communicate visually with us thru symbolism, graphic designs, architecture, nature & color.

If taken together they convey the wide diversity of our individual experiences. Like us, they share more in common than their differences.