Genevieve E Flynn – Silversmith

Genevieve Flynn @ Cerbera Gallery

Genevieve Flynn @ Cerbera Gallery

Genevieve Flynn:

Award winning silversmith, Genevieve Flynn, has been working in precious metals for 44 years creating hollowware and art jewelry family heirlooms.  Flynn has been invited to create numerous private commissions, including an intricately chased and engraved hand mirror that was presented to music industry personality, Paula Abdul and a commemorative 1985 World Series pin for the late Ewing Kauffman, then owner of the Kansas City Royals and Marion Laboratories.

With degrees in jewelry design, jewelry repair and hand engraving, Flynn perfected her construction skills while working as a bench jeweler for seven years.  Considered a master at pierced metal in her own right, Flynn soon launched into an exploration in hollowware design studying under Heikki Seppa, the modern father of form emphasis through anticlastic and synclastic raising.  She went on to study the chasing and repoussé art form working under the Italian master instructor, Fabrizio Acquafresca and Valentin Yotkov, top artists in their field.

As a master silversmith, Flynn has dedicated a major portion of her career to teaching students the technical intricacies of working with the precious metals of silver, gold and platinum.  One of her greatest accomplishments as an instructor is in the creation of her Metal Arts Visiting Master’s Program where she hosts national and international master level instructors in jewelry, and hollowware, drawing students to her teaching studio from all over the country.  Her program gives students and artists the rare opportunity to study under a highly specialized master instructor in an intimate setting.

“Using nature as my inspiration, I endeavor to create expertly crafted heirloom jewelry and vessels. As an artist I receive gratification from working in noble metals that someday will be owned, displayed, utilized or worn by clients in their everyday life. It is my hope to have my artwork passed down from generation to generation. The fluid lines and sensuous feel of the Art Nouveau era along with the beauty of nature is reflected in my work. In contrast, the Art Deco style also resonates with me and allows me to incorporate geometric lines and shapes creating a completely different body of work. Over my 40-year career, my experience as a bench jeweler allowed me to design, create custom jewelry, repair heirloom jewelry and problem solve. I transitioned from working in gold to working in sterling silver. The scale of my work has increased from small jewelry to larger tabletop pieces, offering a layered canvas to express my interest of insects and nature. I fabricate all of my work, which means I do not use any manufactured items. Each piece is cut and shaped from sheets of metal. Silversmith techniques are used to form the metal into 3 dimensional forms, which make my pieces come alive. Ancient metal techniques such as chasing, repoussé, engraving, granulation (a process that fuses gold to silver), saw piercing and many others are incorporated to add detail, interest and beauty. Throughout my career, I have constantly challenged myself to evolve as an artist and as a businessperson. This is reflected in my constantly expanding endeavors, which include moving from creating only jewelry to working on a larger scale. Whether it’s collaborating with clients to create unique, custom pieces to fulfill their desires or a mezuzah for a museum, I strive to incorporate beauty, design and superior techniques in each piece.”