Jessica Brandl


Objects can tell a fantastic story, but simply looking at artifacts of human culture with a scientific view does not always animate the full experience.  I utilize extant forms, which range from recent and domestic to deep time and archaeological.  By stringing together content via objects and images from different points in history and distant geographic locations I disregard linear time.  Within each new drawing and assemblage I am able to explore meaning and metaphor associated with the objects.  I utilize this collection to retell stories about specific, people, places, and objects.

Increasingly I can explore an ever-growing collection of virtual artifacts from Museums located round the globe.  I find that my desire for those physical things is made stronger, new relationships between virtual and physical space conjure and inspires my imagination. Through the availability of 3D additive manufacturing tools I am able to make physical historic facsimiles of open source virtual objects.  The translation that occurs from digital to physical provides added dimension to things and places I thought I knew; it is the future archaeological evidence. Virtual objects are a relevant way to connect to an increasingly global culture. As we dip our minds into perspectives of a global community I find that our hands and bodies crave to fulfill human social instincts.  Our desire to touch, and hold something illustrates our own confinement to physical space. As we work to pull the virtual into the physical world it communicates our struggle to balance the artificial kingdom of our making and our longing for the natural world wince we came.