Joan Hernandez Pijuan – Visual Artist

Joan Hernández Pijuan

Joan Hernandez Pijuan

One of the most celebrated Spanish artists of the last few decades, Joan Hernández Pijuan (Spanish, 1931–2005) is known for his simple compositions with uniform planes of colors.

Born in Barcelona, Pijuan graduated from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Sant Jordi. In 1953, he held his first exhibition, displaying expressionistic works. The Museo Municipal de Mataró hosted his first solo exhibition in 1955, and soon afterward, he co-foundered “Grupo Silex.”

The group, which included artists Carles Planell, Eduardo Alcoy, and Josep Maria Rovira Brull, explored the connection between Contemporary Art and primitive tradition, with particular emphasis on abstraction and Expressionism.