Lori Keenan – Visual Artist

Lori Keenan @ Cerbera Gallery

Lori Keenan @ Cerbera Gallery

Lori Keenan’s Artist Statement:

“My work is simple, nothing grandiose. I paint for pleasure and hope the viewer enjoys looking at it. I love to paint still life’s, interiors and landscapes. And then I like to open myself up to abstraction to see what I can learn from its expression and composition. If I start with a quick loose paint sketching collage of still life objects and patterns usually that is a good starting point for me to work from. I enjoy working patterns and especially colors that I see in other images into my paintings. Also the patterns, shapes and colors that appear by accident.”

Lori received a BFA from the University of Kansas. Prior to developing her abstract painting style, Keenan was an artist at Hallmark Cards. She lives in Leawood, Kansas with her husband, Matt.