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Louis Reilly – Ceramic Artist

Louis Reilly @ Cerbera Gallery

Louis Reilly @ Cerbera Gallery

Louis Reilly

Artist Statement:

The potential for progress draws Louis Reilly into the studio. His work is in a constant state of evolution. Taking the best form of many and repeating it keeps the work moving forward. For Louis Reilly, the best pots integrate usefulness and form. Pots that appear soft and proud, direct and honest best grip his interest.

Soda firing invigorates form with variations of hue, sheen, and texture. Purposeful kiln loading establishes channels for flame to lick the surface of the pots with bands of red, yellow, and orange. The pots are fired without exterior applied slips or glazes. The clay bodies interact with the soda to form a dramatically glazed surface. Glaze builds up in areas and flashing takes over in others. The dynamic soda fired surface leads the eye through the lines of the pot.

“I am endlessly fascinated by the physical sensation of throwing, cutting, trimming, or handling a clay pot. The surprise of creating a form with a silhouette that pulses with energy never diminishes. These pots serve as a journal of my inspirations and influences.”