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Penny Clarkson – Contemporary Photography & Mixed Media

Penny Clarkson @ Cerbera Gallery

Penny Clarkson @ Cerbera Gallery

Penny Clarkson:

When someone looks at Penny Clarkson’s work she wants them to feel a sense of familiarity, humor, and perhaps even nostalgia. As an aspiring cartoonist part of her thesis work involved studying and practicing the making of traditional animation cels. Mrs. Clarkson has experimented with making watercolor backgrounds to go along with them or simply taking pictures of them in real life. It is important to her to understand the discipline of how cartoons were originally made, and the practice has expanded her body of work as a whole.


“In my work I like to focus on body language, facial expressions, and communication. What is this character doing? How are they feeling? Can you read it clearly and quickly? Most importantly, it’s fun to say that watching cartoons was a crucial factor in my college career.”