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Soojin Choi- Ceramic Artist

Soojin Choi @ Cerbera Gallery

Soojin Choi @ Cerbera Gallery

Artist Statement:

Collage is very similar to poetry. Images are used like words of a poem which transcend their original usage and form creative, imaginative, but not universal mediums of interpretation. Poets sculpt words and enlist them into a poem. Soojin Choi chooses images and arranges them into artwork. Where and how images get laced is the way to create the relationship which entails unique expressions.


Space can be used as a setting but an object as well by utilizing the interaction of images within the composition on both two- and three- dimensions of my sculptures. Space consists of two- dimensional surface, three-dimensional structure, and negative spaces. In her artwork, there is perspective on surfaces, there are flat images on voluptuous structures, and silhouettes exist between the surfaces and structures.


Spatial recognitions are made when they multiply and coexist within relationships of each other. B repeatedly layering flat and structural components Soojin Choi brings images and enumerate them into existence. She assembles space and parades them into a poem in the name of art.