Tamara Walker – Visual Artist

Tamara Walker @ Cerbera Gallery

Tamara Walker

Tamara Walker about her work:

“My work is about using drawing as way to explore interior and exterior spaces that allude to architecture. I use references from architectural buildings that are either being constructed or deteriorating that way the works functions between two worlds of becoming and unbecoming. My drawings are made using pencils or charcoal that incorporates techniques like the rubbing of images like fans, bookcases, beds, doorways, wooden fencing, and bricks to form relationships to recognizable things and provides the drawings with a history of making. Along with magazine clippings I incorporate images of my own personal objects that I use and see every day.

These specific marks along with their intimate scale draws the viewer into engaging with them more personally as they are forced to move in closer. With this I am able to explore the structures that come with building a space and inhabiting it while making it familiar yet unfamiliar. As these unfamiliar spaces were created I began seeing them as environments once inhabit by people. Which lead  me learn about the process of eviction and how it destroyed families along with aliening people from their personal property. The ideas of these belongings being left behind made me wonder about how we create homes using our personal items and how the meaning of that space would change if without its owner.”

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