Abby Callaghan: “Many objects are designed to function without regard for how they are perceived, aesthetically or otherwise. This results in somewhat obscure objects or structures, functioning perfectly while being quietly overlooked. For example, I think of the strange holes in the retaining wall by my apartment, whose purpose is simply for drainage. Some objects imply a history of function, like the layers of staples left in the sides of telephone poles, seeming purposeful enough to retain some other meaning beyond simply holding garage sale signs. The texture of wood, along with evenly spaced holes, left in the walls of many cast concrete buildings have an particular aesthetic, but speak more of the necessary process with which they were built. Why do radio towers look the way they do? What are the meanings behind the neon spray paint markings at construction sites? Really, it does not matter to the makers of these objects and structures how or if they are understood by the average person, but that they serve their purpose.
I am interested in making functional, interactive ceramic pieces that reference these peculiar configurations. By utilizing obscure visual aesthetics on interactive work, I aim to encourage the user to think and physically investigate the work to understand its purpose. My goal is to inspire curiosity and a drive for exploration”


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