Elise Gagliardi is an experimental multi-media artist. She studies photography at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She graduated with her BFA in 2006. Her work has been exhibited nationally. It has been featured in various publications. She currently works as a curator and a mother raising her three young children. Since becoming a mother she has embraced a heritage of storytelling. In her work, she introspectively examines her relationship to the matriarchal figures in her life and contemplates her own legacy. Her work is best described through the words of Author Joseph Campbell in what he describes as “The Myth of the Eternal Return”.

Every flower carries its own seed. It may only bloom for a moment, but it can continue to live through its own death and rebirth as an endless cycle. Drawing from nostalgic memories, photographs, and stories she builds whimsical, ephemeral memorials. These memorials are often centered around family and a sense of place. In each piece she makes obscure, and personal references to motherhood, legacy, dependency, permanence, and impermanence.

For her, creating art is an act of accounting, remembering, and holding space for those fleeting moments. Her art practice is an act of “planting seeds” for rebirth. She works in a variety of mediums including installation, photography, painting, and mixed media collage. She uses literal and symbolic imagery that varies in each work. She’s interested in creating deeply introspective spaces that are also interactive. This interaction is an invitation for the viewer.


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