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Cerbera Gallery presents: Winter Salon IV – Dec ’19 – Feb ’20

Enjoy an exciting line-up of emerging and renowned artists during Cerbera Gallery’s “Winter Salon IV”. Original paintings & drawings, photography, prints & editions, ceramics and local + hand-made jewelry. All make great gift ideas for the holiday season and beyond. Opening on FRI, December 6th | 6 pm-9 pm 2019. Learn more

Cerbera Gallery presents:
“Winter Salon IV”

Dec ’19 – Feb ’20

Opening Reception:
FRI, December 6, 6-9 pm

Collector’s Reception:
FRI, December 6, 4-6 pm

This exhibition is curated by Cerbera Gallery.

Enjoy an exciting line-up of emerging and renowned artists during Cerbera Gallery’s “Winter Salon IV”. Original paintings & drawings, photography, prints & editions, ceramics and local + hand-made jewelry – all making great gift ideas for the holiday season and beyond. Our intimate showcase features work by local, national and international artists such as:

Regional Artists

Jane Booth
Katherine Bello
Melanie Sherman
Susan Kiefer
Mark Hennick
Kerry Smith
Harris Deller
Ben Bates
Terry Dixon
David Pugh
Nick Schleich
Laura Nugent
Kory Twaddle
Helen Graham
Gary Hodson



Shepard Fairey
Robert Indiana
Günther Uecker
Joan Hernandez Pijuan
Marcello Morandini
Nancy Charak
Victory Vasarely
Greg Miller
Casper Brindle
Martin Noel
Gottfried Salzmann
Lindsey Carroll
Tineke van Gils
Wolff Buchholz
Bernhard Heiliger
Yoonjee Kwak
Sam Chung
Werner Haypeter
Gottfried Honegger


Nancy Charak is a mark maker. Charak’s interests as an artist are rooted in the way different marks relate to each other in degrees of tension, proximity, distance, stillness, absence, presence. For Charak, marks create spaces, surfaces, and edges that become interconnected, separated, conflicted. Charak received a degree in Photography and Design from the University of Illinois, Chicago and obtained an MFA in Drawing and Painting from Northern Illinois University.

Melanie Sherman was born in Germany and currently resides and works in Kansas City, Missouri. Sherman’s career began in graphic design, where she developed her unique taste for pattern-making. She later received a BFA in ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute. In her work, Sherman combines her love for ornamentation and her fascination with the history of ceramics, referencing 18th-century European porcelain. Sherman has honed her techniques through various residency programs, including The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, The Archie Bray Foundation, and Anderson Ranch.

Formerly educated in Chemical Engineering and Interior Design, abstract painter Katherine Bello is drawn to the process of creating Something out of Nothing. Bello uses light, color, line, and form to awaken the senses and evoke the imagination. Her aim as an artist is to capture a sense of place, a moment of time, or a feeling.

Sam Chung is a ceramic artist and educator who creates pottery that references historical ceramics while presenting them in a modern context. His work connects fields of art, craft and design. Laura Nugent’s works are strongly biographical. Each work is based on Nugent’s surroundings as she views them while painting. Color takes on the starring role in her paintings. Sculptor and ceramicist, Tyler Lotz is influenced by the natural world and negotiated landscapes. Through his pieces, Lotz’s intention is to elicit a single place and time, experiences and desires.

Kerry Smith is an art director, graphic designer, and painter with work exhibited across the United States and in London. Using gouache, he recreates iconic record labels and album art in his  “Off the Record Series.” Ben Bates is interested in functional forms as a means of exploration. He aims for his pieces to transcend their practical limitations and operate as sculptural elements. Kansas City based Jane Booth works and resides on a ranch overlooking native prairie, water, and sky, and uses this environment as a basis for her work. Originally educated in ceramics, Booth a career in sculpture due to her keenness of hands-on work by becoming a steel cutter and welder before she began her painting career. This background continues to influence Booth’s paintings, which create a visceral sense of space and depth.


For all press inquiries about Winter Salon IV” and group visits, contact Philipp Eirich at We encourage local museums and art groups interested in private tours to book dates in advance since this exhibition will only be on view until the end of January.

As usual we’ll have chilled background tunes coming from our very own DJ Deep House Cat and will be serving libations and snacks. Our doors will open at 6 pm, so make sure you’ll stop by!

A Friendly Note from Lili Komondor:

Lili Komondor

Lili Komondor

Phil usually shares our gallery news on Cerbera’s official Facebook page. As many of you know, I am Cerbera Gallery’s Permanent Resident. Daily surrounded by great works and connected with the most awesome artists.

First Friday, December: 6 pm – 9 pm
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed either 1-5 pm or by appointment (844.202.9303)
Thu, Fri from 1-6 pm and Sat from 11-6 pm.


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