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Cerbera Gallery presents: “YOUNG VS. YOUNG”

Experience Cerbera Gallery’s new exhibit “YOUNG VS. YOUNG”


Selected Works by:

Amy Young
Keith Young

November 2021

Please Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in-person viewing will be possible by appointment only during the week, unless the “Traffic Light” in the front door is GREEN. IN-HOME VIEWING of selected artworks in the KC Metro area available. Please call or text us at 844-202-9303 for more details. We also offer VIRTUAL TOURS via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Feel free to message us on FB or send us an email to [email protected] to setup an appointment. Stay tuned and check Cerbera Gallery’s Social Media and website for updates regarding “YOUNG VS. YOUNG”.


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Cerbera Gallery presents: YOUNG VS. YOUNG


“There is fatigue so great that the body cries, even in sleep.
There are times of complete frustration, there are daily small deaths.”

– Martha Graham

“I started making pieces that reflected my journey with mental health consciousness when I moved to Kansas City in 2016 to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. I wanted to apply my education in psychology to my art practice in a more self reflective manner. Pursuing my undergrad degree gave me a place to begin this journey in a very intense, supportive, and taxing environment which demanded a greater amount of self awareness and reflection than I was previously used to.”

This body of work encompasses pieces from each of the years I’ve been on this path of self reflection and honoring the struggles I’ve faced in my life. Through the use of symbolism, the mission of these works is to bring beauty into the world from roots of real pain and loss. In facing my struggles with major depression, generalized anxiety, complex PTSD, and bipolar disorder, I wanted to find ways to communicate my experiences without trying to replicate them. The ceramic works have a strong focus on the mind, with themes of protection, struggle, and the roles of internal and external pressure put on myself and others who are facing these battles daily. The paintings in this grouping explore the impact of chronic physical conditions on mental health and vice versa. After getting COVID in early 2020 and learning to live with the effects of long covid and the aftermath of a crashed immune system, I was forced to face my health holistically. With new battles of chronic fatigue, immune flare ups, and the frustration in having to relearn and accept my limitations, these are just the start of a visual conversation to be continued.


Robot - Title : RobotKeith Young lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He began his studies at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Mo. then transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute. He grew up in a creative family nourished by free thought and conversation, it was the loving matriarch of his family who realized and encouraged his artistic talent.

Keith Young - Paper Vessels

Keith Young – Paper Vessels

Young’s canvases use an array of mixed media to rearrange the world as it is presented to him; he crosses boundaries of materials, genres, subject matter, and themes to discover life through an ever-expanding collection of images and techniques; collage, drawing, over-painting, applique, and embellishments. Found objects, linoleum fragments, magazine pictures, lace, wallpaper, spray paint, all become part of Keith’s vocabulary of painting. The paintings bridge the logical to the illogical by creating a natural synergy with the incongruous or disparate elements that find their way into his work.By critically analyzing materials and being somewhat of a material atheist, Keith has been able to define his aesthetic as an artist at a young age; frequently experimenting with techniques and objects that maintain the integrity of his aesthetic within his work. Keith’s paintings have given him a voice in his own life. His work doesn’t talk about worldly issues; but rather, solves personal struggle ultimately illustrating the phrase, the personal is political. Keith Young is colorblind, but this is not a disadvantage for him; His inability to distinguish certain colors allows him to create works with unique palettes that are among the components that make his work so compelling to viewers.

Brothers - Keith Young


Please join Cerbera Gallery in celebrating “YOUNG VS. YOUNG”: November 2021

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