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Nancy Charak – Visual Artist

Nancy Charak @ Cerbera Gallery | KCMO

Nancy Charak @ Cerbera Gallery

Nancy Charak

Artist Statement:

Nancy Charak asks her viewers to think about dissonance, syncopation, congruence, stillness, surprise, undulation, hidden spaces, tension and compression, edges and surfaces. And in so doing, to give my work as much time looking as possible.

Her purpose as an artist is to captivate you for as long as she can hold your attention.




MFA: Painting and Drawing, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb

BA: Photography and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago

Selected Collections

Westin Snowmass Spa, Snowmass CO

Four Seasons Hotel, Seasons Restaurant, Washington DC

Whole Health Management Inc., Cleveland

Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale AZ

Mrs. Phyllis Kotin, Paradise Valley AZ

Mr. & Mrs. Noah Webster, Dallas

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schaffer, Chicago

Ms. Alexandra Seeger, The Netherlands