Jeff Tamblyn was born subversive. Although conventionally Midwestern in outward appearance, he’s always veered away from “normal,” even as a child. “I’m always the person who questions the assumptions. It’s sometimes irritating to those around me, but it takes me places others might not get to go. In the arts, that quality has been widely tolerated and even valued.” In a life that’s included experimental live theater, stand-up comedy, writing and directing offbeat corporate video and film, and distributing art house movies, Tamblyn now practices photography in the same way he’s done everything else — through relentless experimentation that brings new perspective to his audience. Tamblyn exhibits on a nearly continuous basis. His work has been shown at over 15 local and regional venues, and won a Best Photography Award at Images, a Kansas City gallery. He’s currently represented by Cerbera Gallery, in the Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri. Married for over 40 years, with 2 adult daughters and 2 grandchildren, he loves hiking, cooking, and swimming. His lab-mix, Beatrice, is occasionally featured in his photos.


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