The Dogs I’ve Dated“ features works by Kansas City artist Laura L. Davis. This collection comes out of a two year journey of joining the online dating world after a 25 year marriage. Many lessons have been learned, hearts have been broken, but Davis tried to find a funny, light-hearted way to deal with the arduous process of “putting herself out there again.” Her artwork shows an intuitive sense and desire for color, vibrancy and life. Watercolor and acrylic are her mediums of choice.

Most of these dogs belong to men she met online. There is a strange phenomenon in the online dating world where men like to post a bathroom selfie or a picture of their dog, closely followed by pictures of their car or truck and boat or motorcycle. Maybe this hints back to the age old dowry or is just a warning of what you are to expect or gain from a relationship with them. A few of these men remain friends and many were one timers. The dogs’ names have not been changed to protect their owner’s identity…


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