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Cerbera Gallery presents: “Random Correlation”

Experience Cerbera Gallery’s new exhibit “Random Correlation”. Photography & Painting by renowned local artists. Learn more

Random Correlation
Photography and Painting

February 1 – March 30, 2019

2011 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108


Cerbera Gallery presents: "Random Correlation”

Cerbera Gallery presents: “Random Correlation”


Cerbera Gallery presents: “Random Correlation”

Cerbera Gallery’s new exhibition “Random Correlation” explores the mutual connection of architectural forms, human body and color through the lens of photography and the eyes of a painter.  Correlation is more than just a statistical association. It is a reciprocal, parallel and complementary relationship between visible shapes as well as the viewer’s vantage point. “Random Correlation” delves into and examines these connections and relations.

David Pugh’s photographic work tends to pull out the essence of a person’s personality through genuine expression and emotion.  His artwork expresses the quiet and contemplative side of his persona. With both subject matter he utilizes light and color to bring full effect of the mood and expression whether in a landscape, architectural photography or face.

Photography has prompted Anne Smith to examine everything with greater intensity and consideration. It has given her a means to examine her inner thoughts and feelings. In the “Nelson Files” series she revisits a specific scene multiple times and creates an intimate yet distant out of focus sequence that tells a very personal story.

Gary Hodson’s subject matter remains diverse and includes humor, irony, contradictions, symbolism & simple beauty in its many forms. The intent is to create images that cause the viewer to pause & contemplate what they are seeing. While separated by time & place and by culture & language, the individual photographs displayed at Cerbera Gallery are also united by their ability to communicate visually with the viewer thru symbolism, graphic designs, architecture, nature & color.

Photography has always been a way for Helen Graham to express her emotions in a silent way. Through her photos she intends on stirring your imagination and touch your heart. Helen Graham also will show you things that sometimes in our busy world we miss seeing. She intensely focuses on capturing a specific moment while never losing her natural sense for composition.

“Shanghai Blue” is a chapter in Angie Jennings’ series “Modern Streets of an Ancient Empire”. This project studies the dichotomy of China and its ever-increasing modernity and how it is burying the great history of this most ancient country.  Under the canopy of modern blue neon lights that light up Shanghai’s main thoroughfares lays the hint of the ancient empire as it becomes buried under the modern world.  Angie Jennings found all this blue neon rather unusual and believes it’s a way to calm the people of the city out in the hot night, but she cannot be sure. It does create a fantastical view of this city of millions.

The feel of a space has always been more interesting to Kenneth Stanley than the appearance.  As a painter he has been the ability to explore the more abstract qualities of space, and attempt to define a vision of our physical, emotional, and cultural landscapes.  Travel, architecture, consumption and pollution are all elements Kenneth Stanley uses to build his images. His work is passively sociopolitical, keeping true to some of the purely aesthetic qualities he enjoys in painting, while also commenting on some of the issues of the day.

Other exhibited artists include:


Christian Rothmann


Adam Chau
Shiyuan Xu
Yoonjee Kwak
Melanie Sherman
Tineke van Gils
Jen Watson

For all press inquires and group visits, contact Philipp Eirich at [email protected]. We encourage local museums and art groups interested in private tours to book dates in advance since this exhibition will only be on view for a seven weeks.As usual on #First Friday we’ll have chilled background tunes coming from our very own DJ Deep House Cat and will be serving libations and snacks. Our doors will open at 3pm, so make sure you’ll stop by!

A Friendly Note from Lili Komondor:

Lili Komondor

Lili Komondor

Phil usually shares our gallery news on Cerbera’s official Facebook page. As many of you know, I am Cerbera Gallery’s Permanent Artist in Residence Canine, so make sure to say “HI” and give me a belly rub when you come in the next time.

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