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27th International Sculpture Conference: Cerbera Gallery’s “Sculpture Salon” Oct. 21 – Nov. 25, 2017

Enjoy an exciting line-up of renowned sculpture artists on display at Cerbera Gallery during the 27th International Sculpture Conference. Our intimate showcase features works by Tyler Lotz, Akio Takamori, Ken Price,  Kensuke Yamada, Jamie Bates Slone among others. Opening on THU, October 26, 5-8pm 2017. Learn more

27th International Sculpture Conference:
Cerbera Gallery’s “Sculpture Salon”

Oct. 21 – Nov. 25, 2017

Sculpture Salon” Opening Reception:
THU, October 26, 5-8pm R.S.V.P.

Gallery Hop” and Artist Talk:
FRI, October 27, 4-10pm R.S.V.P.

No Regerts“ – Sculptures & Bloody Marys:
SAT, October 28, 11am-4pm

This exhibition is curated by Cerbera Gallery.

Enjoy an exciting line-up of renowned sculpture artists on display at Cerbera Gallery’s Sculpture Salon (27th International Sculpture Conference). Our intimate showcase features works by Tyler Lotz, Akio Takamori, Ken Price,  Kensuke Yamada, Jamie Bates Slone, Kyungmin Park, Keira Norton, Kwok Pong “Bobby” Tso, Kimberly LaVonne, Shiyuan Xu, Harris Deller, Yoonjee Kwak, Brandi Withington, Brady McLearan, Bob Schultz, Rain Harris, Joey Watson and many more.

Tyler Lotz’s sculptures and vessels have been shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions since 1998. His work has been acquired by collections including the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, in Missouri, and the Icheon World Ceramic Center in Korea. Having received his BFA from Penn State and his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Tyler is currently a Professor teaching at Illinois State University.

Kwok Pong "Bobby" Tso – “Moment of “Re”inventing- Assemblage-#003", 2017

Kwok Pong “Bobby” Tso – “Moment of “Re”inventing- Assemblage-#003″, 2017


Kwok Pong “Bobby” Tso‘s recent body of work is a metaphor for him to express the importance of this miscellaneous, compact relationship. Through reconstruction, he processes his work methodically, allowing himself to flow through a predefined process, picking up each part to investigate, look for a new angle, explore the characteristics of different materials and express their qualities of balance, weight, and texture, rather physical or conceptual.

Jamie Bates Slone‘s focus of her work lies in the state of the human condition, the delicacy & fragility of the human construct in an emotional and physical sense. “Through conjured memory, I revisit my family’s history with illness and premature death. My sculptural work is a reflection of those memories with an emphasis on the relationship between human biology and human emotion.”


"Scan 1", 2016 - Stoneware, underglaze

“Scan 1”, 2016 – Stoneware, underglaze

Ken Price "Curley", 2005

Ken Price “Curley”, 2005

Kenneth “Ken” Price was an American artist who uncovered the surprising possibilities of ceramics as sculpture. Cerbera Gallery is proud to showcase one of 35 unique works.

Akio Takamori "Large House with Many Girls", 1975

Akio Takamori “Large House with Many Girls”, 1975

Akio Takamori was a Japanese-American ceramic sculptor and a faculty member at the University of Washington. Cerbera Gallery features works from the artist’s time as a student at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Kimberly LaVonne Luther often considers how much of herself is enmeshed in her work, a body to model, hair to sew and hands to move and imprint the medium.  These objects then symbolize how much of the artist will be left eventually be left behind. She questions where they may go and who will collect them over time.

For the past several years, Keira Norton has been making sculptures depicting human/animal hybrids. She views each piece as part of a narrative drawn from the physical and metaphorical connections between particular types of animals and aspects of the human condition.

Kimberly LaVonne Luther "Gold Artery", 2016 - Porcelain | Keira Norton "Beluga Boys", 2017 - Stoneware, Glaze

Kimberly LaVonne Luther “Gold Artery”, 2016 – Porcelain | Keira Norton “Beluga Boys”, 2017 – Stoneware, Glaze

In her sculptural clay objects, Kyungmin Park often includes figures in fantastical situations and imaginary worlds. Though the facial expressions of the figures evoke the imagery of childhood, the bodies are adult, suggesting the remnants of the child within the grownup. The coexistence of innocence and experience within one being has an unsettling effect; viewers are made uncomfortable as the whimsical gives way to the darkly bizarre.


The formal languages and frequencies that we find in the natural existence of the universe inform and inspire the investigation of Brady McLearen’s studio practice.  He is interested in how humankind has harvested materials and ideas within reach in order to control and make sense of this wild place in which we exist.

Cerbera Gallery’s Sculpture Salon will also be showing various works by artists such as Brandi Withington, Harris Deller, Alice Ballard, Bob Schultz, Jeff Whyman, Rain Harris, Shane Lutzk, Yoonjee Kwak, Joey Watson and Erica Iman among others.


For all press inquires about the Sculpture Salon and group visits, contact Philipp Eirich at [email protected]. We encourage local museums and art groups interested in private tours to book dates in advance since this exhibition will only be on view until the end of October.

Ceramic works on display include new First Friday arrivals by Mitchell Spain, Daniela Abel, Steven Young Lee and  Melanie Sherman. Arrived just in time for our new Salon are works by painter Keith Young, works on paper by Ron English, Jean Tinguely, Hans Hartung and Tamara Walker as well as a large selection of jewelry by artists such as Cydney Ross, Sam McPherson,  Carly Slade, Jen Watson and Jen Wilkenson.

As usual we’ll have chilled background tunes coming from our very own DJ Deep House Cat and will be serving libations and snacks. Our doors will open at 4pm, so make sure you’ll stop by!

A Friendly Note from Lili Komondor:

Lili Komondor

Lili Komondor

Phil usually shares our gallery news in Cerbera’s official Facebook page. As many of you know, I am Cerbera Gallery’s Permanent Resident. Daily surrounded by great works and connected with the most awesome artists.

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