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Crossing Paths – Works by Magdalena & Michael Frimkess and Peter Voulkos – April 7 – (now extended to) April 29, 2017

Join us for the opening of our new show “Crossing Paths” – Works by Magdalena & Michael Frimkess and Peter Voulkos on First Friday April 7, 2017. Learn more
Magdalena & Michael Frimkess and Peter Voulkos
“Crossing Paths”

April 7 – (now extended to) April 29 , 2017
opening reception April 7, 5-9pm
collectors reception April 7, 3-5pm RSVP
2011 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

This exhibition is curated by Cerbera Gallery and The Nevica Project.

Opening on April 7th at 2011 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO, the new exhibition “Crossing Paths” will feature works by artist legends Peter Voulkos and Magdalena & Michael Frimkess. The exhibition is jointly curated by Cerbera Gallery and The Nevica Project (Chicago), and will include functional and sculptural ceramic pieces, as well as works on paper including rare drypoints and monotypes (courtesy of Sherry Leedy Gallery). Visit The Nevica Project website by clicking here.

For all press inquires and group visits, contact Jayson Lawfer[email protected] or Philipp Eirich at [email protected]. We encourage local museums and art groups interested in private tours to book dates in advance since this exhibition will only be on view for a couple weeks.

Crossing Paths Starting April 7 in Kansas City in collaboration with Cerbera Gallery.

“Crossing Paths”
Starting April 7 in the Kansas City Crossroads District. A collaboration between Cerbera Gallery and The Nevica Project.

Peter Voulkos (1924-2002) led in the development of pottery as an art form. With an MFA from California College of Arts and Crafts (1952), he taught at Black Mountain College (1953) where he was exposed to the avant-garde. In 1954, Voulkos moved to Los Angeles to become the chairman of a newly established ceramics department at the Los Angeles County Art Institute (later renamed the Otis Art Institute) and soon assembled a remarkable group of students: Paul Soldner, Jerry Rothman, Michael Frimkess, Kenneth Price, John Mason, Henry Takemoto, and others. While influencing numerous students and achieving international status, Mr. Voulkos was faculty at the University of California, Berkeley from 1959 to 1985. His work introduced the so-called Abstract Expressionist movement that turned the polite world of American ceramics upside down. Arguably the most influential potter of the 20th century and his work is in over 100 museum collections worldwide. Peter Voulkos and Rudy Autio were the first resident artists at The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana.

Peter Voulkos most recently had a major exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City entitled-  Voulkos- The Breakthrough Years.

Peter Voulkos Plate - circa 1958

Peter Voulkos Plate – circa 1958

Peter Voulkos Plate - Signature

Peter Voulkos Plate – Signature


Magdalena Suarez Frimkess and Michael Frimkess began working together in 1963. Their fifty-year collaboration produced an intriguing body of work that has seen a great amount of attention, especially in the last few years.  It is actively collected by celebrities, museums and private collectors intrigued by the playfulness of the subject matter and how Michael and Magdalena are simply unbound by convention.  The exhibition features an array of the couple’s talented work- sculptures of Walt Disney characters, vases, mugs, and even their iconic horse. It will allow the viewers a glimpse into the Frimkess’ world that has largely been set aside for decades.

Frimkess - Venezuala Vase

Frimkess – “Venezuela Vase”, 2000

Frimkess - Venezuala Vase - Signature

Frimkess – “Venezuela Vase” – Signature

Michael Frimkess (b. 1937) was a musician in his early years and turned to ceramics after a vision during a peyote trip. In 1956, he started to study under the great Peter Voulkos (1924 – 2002) at the Otis College of Art and Design (California), working alongside students such as Ken Price, John Mason, and Billy Al Bengston.
Magdalena  Suarez Frimkess (b. 1929) was originally from Venezuela and moved to Chile at age 18. In 1962 she was described in Art in America as “the most daring sculptor working in Chile”  in 1962. The next year she moved to California and met Michael.   

EXTENDED until the end of APRIL: Inspired by a current exhibition at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR, Cerbera Gallery will show video slides, as well as exhibit a signed copy of “Border Cantos: Sight & Sound Explorations from the Mexican-American Border”.

Border Cantos

Richard Misrach & Guillermo GalindoBorder Cantos

Arrived just in time for our new Salon are works by Melanie Sherman, Jane Shellenbarger, Jen Watson, Rain Harris, Paul Donnelly and Brandon Schnur as well as a large selection of jewelry by artists such as Cydney Ross, Sam McPherson, Angelica Sandoval, House of DeBoer, Carly Slade, Jennifer Watson, Jen Wilkenson. We also have a very limited number of discounted necklaces dipped in gold and platinum luster by Melanie Sherman in our jewelry section. Check them out while they last!

As usual we’ll have chilled background tunes coming from our very own DJ Deep House Cat and will be serving libations and snacks. Our doors will open at 3pm, so make sure you’ll stop by!

A Friendly Note from Lili Komondor:

Lili Komondor

Lili Komondor

So, last night I had a dream about being a Spring Elf Princess. I talked to Phil and he came up with that beautiful new look for me!  “Lle naa vanima Lili!” (Elvish for “You are beautiful Lili”).

Phil usually shares our gallery news in Cerbera’s official Facebook page.As many of you know, I am Cerbera Gallery’s Permanent Resident. Daily surrounded by great works and connected with the most awesome artists, I asked him to open my own Facebook page. There you will find not only Cerbera news but also news from hundreds of our friend artists, exhibitions, grants, residences, workshops and of course, a daily dose of great music.

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