Tom Binger finds it interesting that during a time in which the internet is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication, billboards and signage are still one of the most effective forms of advertisement… If a person views a sign they will read it.

He always finds himself turning his head as he passes a sign to see the back as if there was more to read; and often times he is rewarded by seeing the infrastructure that holds the sign up.

Binger strives to change the art viewers body language and posture, by placing artwork in a gallery setting that forces people to view the backs and sides, and in some cases interact by having to turn a crank or push a button; not unlike driving by a sign and turning to see the backside.

His work addresses current issues such as gender, societal roles, politics, and religion through the appropriation of imagery from the past. The multimedia sculpture is reminiscent of mid 20th century signage. The nostalgic imagery achieves motion, sound, and light by being attached to highly crafted mechanical armatures.


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