Ann Rothman became interested in ceramics at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, where she originally enrolled to learn Spanish. Learning Spanish did not work out but dropping Spanish classes meant no access to a school meal ticket. Courses taught in three languages which included English were few. Ceramics was a candidate. Ann doesn’t know if she could make a pot after taking those classes but she began to love working in clay. Ann Rothman has a BA in art history from Columbia, N.Y.C.

“My ceramic education has been from Greenwich House Pottery, N.Y.C and a number of workshops I attended. I attended Penland, North Carolina, Watershed, Maine, and workshops in Evia, Greece and East Anglia, U.K. I can’t pinpoint what exactly I learned in these workshops, but I soaked up the environment and that was influential in learning about clay.”

For a number of years Rothman wrote reviews for Harry Dennis’ magazine, American Ceramics which unfortunately shuttered after Harry’s untimely death – and articles for Ceramics: Art & Perception and Ceramics Monthly. She has presented panel discussions in the past at NCECA and was involved in a few talks and panels in different venues.

Ann Rothman loves touching clay and whether the object that she intends to create is a thing, a person or an animal she is most interested in it projecting personality and movement.

“Clay doesn’t talk but I want the clay to communicate and interact with the viewer. I use porcelain because I love the feel of it (and I think porcelain should be more democratic than its reputation leads one to believe) and then fire low to accommodate bright colors which can transport this pure clay body into folk art imagery. I always want anything I attempt to make to reveal its humble clay roots and leave no doubt that it was made by hand.”


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