About Cassie Allen

Cassie Allen is an illustrator with experience in children’s books, publishing, and graphic design. Experience her work at Cerbera Gallery.

Cassie Allen has a deep interest in biology, mythology, and scientific and anatomical illustration. Her art seeks to recreate yet reinvent the knowledge she’s picked up over the years. She works primarily in ink and digital color, but experiments with painting and printmaking as well.

Cassie also has considerable experience in the publishing industry, and has been employed by both large national printers and smaller local operations. She has worked as a graphic designer, colorist, and illustrator with her employers. She has released several short zines and comics, and her first children’s book, Dinosaurs Count/Los Dinosaurios Cuentan, is availiable through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Cassie graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2015 with a double major in Illustration and Creative Writing.

Cerbera Gallery | 2011 Baltimore Ave | KCMO 64108


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