Omaha based artist Joseph Broghammer is as much of a storyteller as he is an artist. His one-of-a-kind oil pastel drawings in “Animals” are chronicles of his life. The creatures Broghammer creates are vehicles to uncover the varying characteristics of the artist’s personal identity.
Surrounding Broghammer’s animals are different icons, streams of consciousness, or keys to understanding the stories Broghammer shares.

Broghammer received his B.F.A. in Visual Art at the University of South Dakota. He graduated in 1986 and a year later went on to study his M.F.A. at the University of Wisconsin. In 2009, he studied at Creative Capital in Omaha, Nebraska.

As storytellers often do, Broghammer later went on to become an educator himself, teaching at WhyArts? and becoming an Artist Assistant at Vera Mercer in Omaha – both of which he still practices at today.

He has exhibited work through a vast number of solo and group shows internationally in Italy, Germany, Holland, Mexico, and even Kansas City.

In 2018, Broghammer became a published illustrator in the successful children’s book, “Chica,” written by Karen Duncan.

Although Broghammer’s portraits depict downy creatures, his work is very much about the human experience. They are honest and full of life, evoking a sincere exchange between artist and viewer. “Animals” is for the animal lovers, students, teachers, collectors, writers, the young or old, and art historians alike.


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